The first of its kind, ivvi is a new entertainment tool that does the filtering for you so that you get only the best trending videos out there and share them with your friends. Not only can you watch great videos on the go, but you can save them to your ‘watchlists’ for viewing and sharing.

Take an ivvi moment

Watch one or shuffle all videos
Choose from categories; Live, Laugh and Learn
Like and comment on the videos right within the app

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for yourself!

create your very own ivvi empire

Create a profile, you’re about to make your video sharing debut

  • Save videos to your personal watchlists
  • Accumulate watchlists to get a higher ranking on the network
  • Share videos with anyone through email, Facebook and twitter
  • Find and add friends to share watchlists with
  • Sort videos by interest
  • Categorize youtube video channels
  • Browse other top profiles with a flick of a finger
  • Tap on a friend to view their profile and watchlists
  • Hold your back button to go Home

With such quick and easy access to the best videos in the world, you’ll always have time to Live, Laugh and Learn with ivvi.

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About ivvi

Founded by 3D & graphic artist Taylor Klick, ivvi is a proprietary new mobile technology that scours, sorts and filters for viral videos. The app allows users to curate personalized watchlists, as well as share videos through other social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Available only on iPhone, ivvi bots search the world to bring the best content in three categories; Live, Laugh, and Learn to the US and Canada.
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The Founder

Driven by her passion to change the world, Taylor Klick set out to create something for people to find and share a bit of joy and inspiration. An inventor by nature, she created a new mobile technology for those intermittent moments of life between work; a social viral video platform.

Taylor designed the pillars of ivvi; live, laugh and learn; to inspire life through others’ experience, laughter as the remedy for the daily rut, and knowledge for the moments when wisdom is required.

Long before embarking on the journey to bring design and technology together in ivvi, Taylor dedicated herself to mastering graphic design and 3D motion graphics, from which the immensely popular Klick Design studio was born. Today she works with a vast client base, helping them define their businesses online through interactive design.

As founder of the ivvi technology, Taylor is leading the evolution of video content. A traveler and explorer in pursuit of innovatio she lives at both ends of the spectrum. A serenity seeking yogi and an adventurist, Taylor seeks the conquest of the impossible in her deliberation to make the world just a little better.